Henry Gargan

About me

Have you ever had a thought but not known quite how to phrase it? I'm someone who could help you with that. I'm learning that my gifts lie most in translating big ideas into digestible formats. If this sounds like something you need help with, I'd be happy to talk.

I grew up in Chapel Hill, N.C., so I was a townie before I was a UNC student. I recently graduated with degrees in multimedia journalism and global studies (with concentrations in international politics/Africa). It's a mouthful, I know.

Right now I'm working at Newsday on Long Island as a Dow Jones News Fund editing intern, but before that I was opinion editor at The Daily Tar Heel, UNC's independent student newspaper. And before that? I was a sportswriter. I spent my sophomore year as assistant sports editor at the DTH, and I covered sports as a stringer for various local, regional and national publications throughout my college career.

Since then, I've veered away from sports, at least professionally. My interests now tend toward politics and the problems of poverty, mental health, and social conflict in general. I also secretly aspire to be on the radio, but I'm not entirely sure how to get there. Let me know if you can help!

Want to know more? Here's my résumé.